Umineko No Naku Koro Ni – Chapter 7

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The First Twilight

Listen to the loli… and you’ll be spared.

Warning: The post has some graphic images.

Brief Summary

Battler and George woke up thanks to Maria. After accomplishing her mission, she began to complain about her mother and how she can’t be found.

Wake Up

Mama Not Here

At the mansion, they all learned that five people in all are missing. No traces of them could be found.

They Aren't Here


Their meeting was interrupted when Kanon ran in, claiming that something’s weird at the rose garden storehouse. The older members of the family decided to go and investigate. Battler was about to join them but he was stopped by Maria.

Did Something Happen

This Way

Kanon led them to the building in question. There, they discovered a mysterious symbol with runes, seemingly made out of blood. Maybe human blood.


Even so, nothing could prepare them for the shed’s contents. Upon seeing it, Natsuhi screamed.


Hearing it, Battler, George, and Jessica couldn’t wait any longer. They didn’t want to be left out of information about their parents. Although they invited Maria, she chose to stay behind and watch TV.

Back Soon

As they neared the storeroom, a feeling of dread settled down on the younger Ushiromiya’s. The stench of blood fills the air.

Bad Feeling


Natsuhi tried to stop them but Battler easily broke through.

You Must Not Look


He found the missing members of his family. Their faces were gone, melted away as if someone poured acid on them. Clearly, someone… or something… killed them all.


No Faces


Back in the house, another gruesome discovery was made. The marks found this morning reappeared. This time, they’re more prominent. Bloody hands seem to be scratching the door frame, attempting to turn the knob. Again, there’s no sign of the culprit, only a gruesome message of despair.





Oh man, things really hit the fan this time. I knew its predecessor was gruesome but this takes it to another level. I don’t recall any scene being this gory. Now I’m shivering in both fear and excitment for the anime.

No idea what’s going to happen next. Absolutely none at all. I’m not sure if Shannon’s part of that pile of bodies but there is a woman in there, maybe Rosa. Praying that it’s not the maid. Knowing that the first arc won’t have a happy end, I’m thinking that history will repeat with everyone dying before a revival. Not very optimistic but that’s the trend.

6 Responses

  1. Dammmn the manga really went all out with the faces! The first arc/ep will be very good indeed. With tons of this kind of craziness. However, if you like the first ep/arc you might be very disappointed with episode 2, as it takes a DRASTIC turn into LULZ and MAGICZ. Ugh the change in atmosphere was horribly jarring. However I got used to it and accepted it for what it was. Umineko then becomes good for another reason. However be prepared for a change in genre. I can’t really call it a mystery/horror anymore after the first episode. It’s more like action/adventure and comedy.

  2. Ok…That’s so scary! D:

    The probability of me covering this anime just went down :P

    • @kitsune:
      Ah why? It’s a rather gripping thriller whodunnit mystery. The gruesome murders are just a wee part of the story. The real meat is the mind games that happens later on. I like the manga so far but I have doubts that the anime version would be that gruesome. Studio Deen will probably tone it down.

      • @Ayumikat:

        I read “And Then There Were None”, but have not read this manga :P This show is still high on my possible blogging list , but I’ll have to check out the anime first – only a day left to wait :)

  3. They did a really good job at those faces. But I think there shouldn’t be that much blood on Natsuhi’s door, if it were to stick to the game. After all, I think that Genji didn’t notice that somebody had been trying to get into Natsuhi’s room. If there had been so much blood, he would have noticed it.
    I can’t wait to see the anime. I’m really curious how they have arranged the storyline(s) and how much creepy it will be.

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