Sket Dance – Chapter 94

Maid Himeko

Your Wish Is My Command

oh gawd

Brief Summary

While showing that her fingers are flexible enough to touch the back of her hand, Himeko tried to get Bossun to do the same. Unfortunately, he can’t but that didn’t stop her. As a result, Bossun’s hand is now injured.

Call Me Master

Demanding compensation, Bossun wanted her to call him master. Using guilt, he got Himeko to be his maid. She serves each and every wish that he has, from reading comics out loud to feeding him.

Understood Master

Like A Dream

There were some problems but on the whole, it was an enjoyable experience.



Maybe… something more?


Wanting more power, he decided to do a patrol of the school grounds. It was an excuse to show others that Himeko’s now his maid. Yet, some realize the truth, way before Bossun does.


Always Ready

Bossun was going to lecture Himeko again when he spotted a ball coming down. Reacting on instinct, he put his injured hand out there to protect her.


Though heroic, Himeko realized something was off. His hand… wasn’t injured at all. Payback time.




Oh my gawd. Himeko being a maid… Impossible! I was just waiting for her to snap but lo and behold, it’s Bossun who caused his own undoing. But… the maid~!

Touching story about friendship… and maids. Ugh. I should stop worshipping them but… I can’t help it. orz


One Response

  1. I like that girl in a baseball uniform on a panel “Patrol” :)

    Speaking of maids, I bet you would want to be this prince :P

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