Usagi Drop – Chapter 17


For her age, Rin is very mature.

Brief Summary

Kouki is up to his usual antics, causing trouble for teachers and fellow students. Annoyed that their art lesson is disrupted, Rin snapped. Calling him out, she berated him.

That's It

Don't Get Sidetracked

To everyone’s surprise, the rowdy boy obeyed. Instead of continuing, he sat down and drew like he was supposed to.

How In The World


Accomplishing such a feat requires more than just courage and a short temper… but both children are too young to recognize what that is.


Never Once Been Scary


Another touching chapter, this time focusing on Rin’s schooling. While the relationship between Kouki and Rin is pretty obvious, I’m worried that it might turn out to be nothing. I’m a sucker for the “perfect romance” and Usagi Drop has the setup for that, in many fronts. It all depends on Daikichi and what he ends up doing. If Masako changes her mind and tries to be a part of Rin’s life, this might be nothing more than a childhood memory. If he starts dating Nitani, then maybe something more will come out of it. Either way, I’m content with watching them grow up.


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