Hayate no Gotoku! – Chapter 142


Having Your Identity Exposed And Being Treated Like An Animal, If I Think About It, This Setup Is Scary

Yes, that is the actual title for this chapter…

Brief Summary

At first glance, Harukaze Chiharu seems the least likely to be a maid. Disliking attention and always thinking of her student council position… Yet, in previous chapters, she was one and even gave advice to the unenlightened. Why? Well, a series of unfortunate events…


With her father’s company filing for bankruptcy, Chiharu’s forced to find a part-time job. The question is, what job has cute uniforms, is worthwhile, and not easy at all? The answer soon appeared in front of her.

Since I'm Here

Frustrated by the low quality of the ones she seen, Chiharu wanted to take matters into her own hands. However, with her reputation to uphold, she didn’t want to do it. Then again, she needs a job. This internal debate ended when one of recruiters called out to her. The rest… is history.

Completely Unacceptable


But even though she enjoys the job, Chiharu didn’t want anyone else to find out about her hobby. That’s why she works for the Aizawa family. When she heard that Hayate and Nagi aren’t coming to Sakuya’s birthday party, she let down her guard. That was a fatal mistake.

What's Wrong

To her surprise, Kasumi Aika was part of the Aizawa family. Nothing could escape the eyes of the Student Council vice president.


Secret Please

No mercy.

No Mercy


Poor Chiharu being bullied by Aika. Can’t say that I’m against it… She’s been so strict in school. Who would’ve known about her girly side? The one where she cuddles a stuffed bunny… right before turning into a true maid. And yes, seeing more Haru is a definite plus. Maids~


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