D-Frag! – Chapter 1


What the…?

Brief Summary

Kazama Kenji is the head of a gang named after himself. Though his two partners are well-known, he himself isn’t.

Kazama Gang

Forgotten Leader

Despite their reputation, they aren’t evil all the time. In fact, they do good deeds once in a while… such as putting out an illusory fire in the Game Production room.


Think About It Later


However, no good deed goes unpunished.

Knocked out

Even Kenji gets attacked.

Held Down

Moe Moe


Faced with such insurmountable odds, he was forced to leave his friends behind.

All Together


Though he escaped the room, he couldn’t escape Honoo… or rather, Yami.


Or Else

There is no other way…



While reading this, I thought it’ll be another typical school-life series. Then Kenji opened the door… and found fire. Quite unexpected. The same reaction when Koyoshima got tazed and Nakayama knocked out with a bucket. Didn’t really understand what was going on… and then Honoo’s attack. Oh gawd. It didn’t matter anymore.

Very random. So far, it’s been fun with the elemental attacks. Still scratching my head as to what the series’s about. Oh well. I’ll be faithful until it takes a turn for the worst (like Medaka Box).


4 Responses

  1. omg, those girls are freakish, and the one is cute, but really creepy. wtf ^___^

  2. Tazor, Bucket of Water, Sandy Punch, and Moe-Moe Attack… Which one does not fit? :D

    I like Honoo’s split personality. So commanding!

  3. Whoa……I’m going to check it out….oh snaps no reponses for like more then 10 months…….this post must be old 0.o

  4. Old post is old and lack of frequent updates make it worse. Only three chapters out and I’ve moved on to other series.

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