Seto no Hanayome – Chapter 45


Fairy Tale

This will be the the only time when you’ll see me reject a maid. DO NOT WANT!!!

Brief Summary

Maki wants to look over her precious master but someone stands in her way. Also, proof that maids are superior…

Maid Mermaids

Heightened Maid Power

Invincible Saturn

Undeterred by Akeno’s words, Maki gets close to San by inhabiting Nagasumi’s desk. However, during break, the Seto Group assassin was discovered by the class president (still no name?!). Pretending to be a fairy, Maki said that she’ll grant the girl one wish, excluding having everyone use her real name.


Fairy Maki

Play Act

Then, real trouble shows up at San’s workplace. Some delinquents are bothering the workers and other customers.


That’s when she appears. It’s the class president as the Last Amazoness!


Turned Him Into A Woman

But against Tennou, her gender-altering attacks aren’t enough. Yet with the help of a certain fairy…

Water Attack

Everything’s resolved… somewhat.


Demon Maids


Can’t get enough of Roah from Fist of the North Star Tennou showing up here. Brings back good memories of the OVA. However, that last scene with him transformed… oh gawd no.

Not enough maid time but Maki being a fairy… That’s fine too.


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