Kami Sen – Chapter 1

Nice Body To Earn You Money

The Hot Spring and Guardien Diety

Kannagi but with a busty, kitsune version of Nagi?! Impossible! … Or is it?

Brief Summary

Izumi Koutarou lives an unfortunate life. First, the hot springs dries up, leaving his family in debt. Now, with the loan sharks collecting soon, he’ll have to betray a friend’s trust.

No Ulterior Motive

No ulterior motive, eh?


I suppose there are things are important to life other than food and shelter…

Just when he’s praying to the local god for the last time, the sealing stone shattered. Konoha was released.



And she has no clue why she woke up from her long slumber.

Why Am I Here

She’s so like Nagi…

But there’s a more pressing matter than why she awakened or paying back their debt, which is… clothes.

Physical Phenomenon

With Grandpa’s “help”, that problem is resolved.

Modest Gentleman

No Underwear

Fu Fu Fu~

Since she’s a god, the Izumi family assumed that Konoha could instantly bring them good fortune. Yet, it’s not that easy.

Sell My Body

10 Yen

So very like Nagi…

Things got worse when the loan sharks appeared. Correctly guessing their prey’s intentions, the men looked for other means to get their money back. Then their eyes fell upon Konoha…


Big-Breasted Loli

A taste…

Koutarou defended her innocence but suffered a knife wound in consequence. After seeing the blood, Konoha regained a bit of her memory. She used a bit of her power to heal him…


Pay Your Debt

And to bring about justice to the evil man. By stealing his karma, Konoha transfers it to the Izumi family.


Just Smoke


A nice conclusive end… or maybe not.

Cute and Kind

God of Poverty


The first thing that I noticed was the character design. Konoha strongly resembles a certain crazy shrine maiden, right down to the hair. Even her facial expressions and behavior mirror those of Nagi. Just one of the many draws me into the series. The bloomers are just an added bonus. A very nice bonus…

Things should get pretty interesting in the next chapter. I wonder how his friend would react to Konoha, given how she showed interest in Koutarou at the start. The grandpa and brother duo will stir up quite a bit of fanservice. Crossing my fingers for a maid outfit…

Another enjoyable slice of life/comedy, just like Kannagi. However, with Konoha being the God of Poverty, it’s not a clone of the aforementioned series… at least for now.


4 Responses

  1. haha That’s a soft landing there :P

    Now, you liiiiied! The assets are just perfect (that Hollywood image is an exaggeration – views from other angles are proof).

    I like this foxy, especially her cute ears :)

  2. No, not a soft landing… It’s a… oh wait. I see your trap pun…

    I did not lie. Perfect assets? Looks DFC when the loan shark sees her. So you do like them that way… FuFuFu~

    Nagi in kitsune form. Epic win!

  3. Yes I agree with the others the fox ears were a nice touch. Reminds me of another anime with a fox god but his/her gender was left open. I wondered why the art style was so familiar and it drew me in. Lastly the I think the main character might be better than the one from Kannagi but we’ll have to wait and see. I look forward to reading more of this.

  4. “Better than the one from Kannagi”? Impossible… but as you said, wait and see. Really excited about this one :)

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