Super Dreadnought Girl 4946 – Chapter 1-3

Dead End

Confession/Super Duper Climax/Just A Monster


Brief Summary

Makoto Tobia lives for one reason alone, which is to make girls happy. Despite that, he’s still single and disliked by every female in school. He goes beyond the “knight in shining armor” act. That’s why he’s been turned down 30 times in a row.






His friend Jinguuji is also single. However, he doesn’t have the same problem of getting girls. It’s a matter of finding the right one.

Ordinary People

Haruhi-ism spreads.

Seeing his friend depressed, Jinguuji decides to help out. With the test of courage going on at night, Tobia’s bound to have a girl clinging to him in fear… But, things don’t go that way.

Third Arm

How Wonderful

Instead, the night gets weird(er) when Tobia sees -something-. Something big…


Something Big

Back at school, he gets bombarded with questions about last night’s monster. Retiring in the nurse’s office, Tobia takes a nap and wakes up to the school vacated. Everyone vanished.


His normal, girlfriend-less life changes in the next few minutes. He gets involved in a terrible battle between an alien and… a giant girl?


More Trouble

Though he was told to run, Tobia couldn’t do it. He couldn’t turn away from the girl. Instead, he stood his ground.


With His Body

Stirred by his words, the giantess quickly finishes off the monster and confesses to him.


So begins an awkward love story between Tobia and Mana. From making his friend jealous…

Not The Exit

Giant Girl


To letting the world know about their relationship… Everything begins now.



Haha! This looks so fun. Romance is always nice. Combination of the two shows great promise.

Mana reminds me of Klan-Klan from Macross Frontier, her physique similar to a Zentradi’s. Doesn’t look like she’s clothed as well. Judging by appearance, the makeshift dress might be the only thing covering her… So what did Tobia and Jinguuji walk into?


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  1. very good

  2. thank you

  3. I FELL IN LOVE WITH THESE! were i can get moree??? its soo beautiful!!!

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