Boku x Kano – Chapter 1


You are nearing the point of no return. Turn back now before it’s too late.

Brief Summary

Hayashi Shoutarou and Kanda Yayoi set new records in class. They respectively scored the worst/best in the latest test, continuing their losing/winning streaks.

Consecutive Bottom Ranking Record

Always The Top

They’re polar opposites with nothing in common. Maybe that’s the reason’s why he likes her.

Never Be Anything

Depressed, Shoutarou gets home… and his clothes were ripped off.

Welcome Back

Limit Breaker

Midori easily reads him, correctly guessing the source of his troubles.

Useless Otakuy

Fortunately, with an otaku, there’s a cure-all. However, it comes with a price…

Otaku Siblings


Forced to be a girl, Shoutarou’s new look garnered quite a crowd at the event.


Feels Good

Including his beloved Yayoi…

Close To Me

Midori, being the pervert she is, forced Yayoi to cosplay. No reverse trap though.

Throw Away Your Shame


Yayoi’s costume attracts one troublesome photographer. Irritated by his antics, Shoutarou stepped in to defend the poor girl.


NOT Fine With It

Driving the guy away, Shoutarou earned Yayoi’s respect.



Yet, something grows in Yayoi’s heart. Could it be… love?

Now Way



Cute designs with the ever popular trap element. The best part was when Midori ripped his clothes off and violated him. So unexpected. Shoutarou’s reaction was so… Well, moving along… I anticipate great things with the perverted sister meddling around.

Some gripes… It was a bit disturbing when Shoutarou got too excited being a girl. “Feels good” made me shiver a bit. I got the same reaction with Yayoi’s cosplay. Her chest just… exploded. They didn’t look that big in previous panels. Otherwise, quite an enjoyable chapter with blossoming yuri-but-not-really romance.


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