Team Medical Dragon – Chapter 53


Preoperative Evaluation

Medical drama had never been so good… or cute.

Brief Summary

Dr. Asada and his team were preparing for the Batista operation when their patient turned up missing. The girl was quickly found, undergoing some unscheduled tests.

Batista Operation

CT Scan

No Such Request

The culprit was none other than Katou Akira, Asada’s boss. Driven into desperation by Professor Yaguchi, she tried to make a medical breakthrough to change the senior’s mind.


The team was able to prevent any more tests from being done. Asada had a private talk with Katou and soon learned why she made such a rash action. She feared that she’s no longer able to change the system from within. Her way to power is now cut off.

No Longer Qualified

Any More Clear

It may be the end of her career.

Another Successor

Game Over

The weight finally settles in. Katou… snaps.

Stop Bullying ME

oh gawd


Regular Woman

For this Batista operation, Katou may not be there to help. Intern Ijyuuin Noboru will have to take over, despite his green experience.

Move The Patient

Not Much Help


Just when you think everything’s going your way, Murphy’s Law happens. Katou had everything going for her and in the span of two days, the best became the worst. Her Batista thesis is contested and behind schedule when compared to another university’s. Promotion seems impossible. There is no hope left… but still, life goes on in the hospital. With or without her, the operation will begin.

More drama than the previous chapters which makes it all the better. I really feel bad for Katou since she had intentions of changing the medical system for the better. She was using Asada as a means to get her position and believed the unconventional doctor to be the biggest problem. Yet, once again, the corrupt and inefficient Japanese medical system stood in her way. Professor Yaguchi is truly a bastard.


3 Responses

  1. Yaguchi may be a bastard, but he’s so awesomely evil and sly that you have to admire his l33t skills.

  2. True enough. He becoming quite the troublesome “final boss” that Asada and Katou have to defeat.

  3. I like hair design and panel composition in this manga. Also that “Could you..” panel is great :)

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