Hayate no Gotoku! : Chapters 169 – 173


From Hikikomori to Maid to Bride to Schoolgirl… EVERYTHING!!!

Izumi quickly makes her way up in my favorites list.

Brief Summary

Risa and Fumi came to the Sanzen’in household for help, worried that their friend became a hikikomori. Since Izumi hadn’t showed up at school, they could think of no other reason. Blaming Hayate for her disappearance, he was dispatched and upon arrival, the three found an interesting sight.

Maid Izumi

Running Maid

Mend Her Heart

Well, Hayate caught up to her and he winded up in her room.


I'll Get Mad

Unknown to the two, they were being watched. A murderous rage fills the air.


He's An Otaku


The reason behind Izumi’s cosplay was also revealed. Her father has weird tastes.


Anyways, the two men (being Izumi’s dad and Hayate) met and got into a huge misunderstanding. They decided to settle things with a manly duel. The Four Segawa Warriors!

Four Segawa Warriors

???, Hatsune Miku, Gundam 00 Meisters, and Zero

Meanwhile, Fumi and Risa dressed Izumi up as a bride and teased her about having feelings for Hayate. To their surprise, their words might have some truth.

Do you like Hayate


Hayate and Izumi met for the last time before their duel. Despite getting closer, their situation just got worse.



Hayate battled Kotetsu over a pit of molten lava. While they were evenly matched, their fight ended when Izumi’s dress caught fire. Her fraternal twin ceased his attacks on Hayate in order to save her. That spelled the end of the duel, with Hayate being the victor.

Burning Dress


After that, the confusion was cleared up and all is well. That is, until Maria invokes her prize from the pool tournament.

Maid Hayate


I was unprepared for this attack. Really, who would’ve known that Izumi will wind up like this? She didn’t have too much coverage before so it came as a surprise that she’s the focus for these five chapters. She seemed more like a gag character, nothing to be serious about.

Your Skirt Is Short

Then came “Maid Izumi”. My mind went blank. My heart raced. It’s over… for me. More service with “Bride Izumi” and her blushing reaction to her friends’ jokes. The final attack with her ruined dress… Oh gawd. Too much. Way too much.

Another epic moment in the Hayate no Gotoku! universe…


2 Responses

  1. Ahh, Izumi. My favourite of the student council trio.

    I’m also following the manga version of HnG, but via the official Viz translation, which is coming out at a pace rivalling that of frozen molasses at quarter-speed (they’re only up to Volume 11 so far). Had to skip most of your post to dodge major spoilers, but I couldn’t possibly keep my eyes off that last page. Hurry up with those releases, Viz!

    On the anime front, I love the way her seiyuu renders her cry of surprise (“Hueeeeeeh!”, or something to that effect).

  2. It’s ok. I understand how you wish to avoid spoilers instead of feasting your eyes upon Izumi’s maid/bride form :)

    Haven’t been keeping in touch with the anime. I heard that it’s pretty accurate to the manga so I’m sticking with that format. No need to see it twice.

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