Hayate no Gotoku! – Chapter 140


The Maid Saw And Was Seen


Brief Summary

Maria is worried about Nagi and wanted to visit the shop where her master works. However, she didn’t want to look too meddling so a disguise was in order…

Perfect Disguise

Nurse Maria

A nurse is fine too.

Dressed … differently, Maria made her move, entering the premises.

Welcome Maria

Infiltration was successful… or maybe not…

Interest in Cosplay

Yet, nothing could have prepared Maria for the next customer and his eccentric ways. Her perfect disguise inadvertantly fanned the raging flames of love…



There was only one way to stop him. Enter… the trap route.

Maria is a trap

Dangerous Path

Problem solved… but another one appeared. Such is Hayate’s poor life.


This chapter is epic. While “Nurse Maria” isn’t as perfect as “Maid Maria”, she’s still extremely high up there. Seeing that impulsive manga-ka with his “Marry me!” line got me wondering… if I’ll do the same thing. Then Hayate’s “fix” to the problem pushed me over the top and I laughed… for a very long time.

Very nice chapter devoted to the best character and maid of the series, Maria!


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