Hajimete no Chuu Ijou


Pushed down and Ridden on

I feel like a corrupting force in the blog-o-sphere…

Brief Summary

Tachikawa Saori often visits her relative for advice. Today’s no different but the topic is quite… touchy.


It took him a while to get what she’s talking about. Though misunderstood at first, the two quickly settled down for a more serious talk.

No Way

Shut up

Well, it turns out that the concept of sex is alien to her. She doesn’t understand how two becomes one.

Inside your own

Where are you looking at

Saori shown him the picture of her extremely cute friend who’s no longer a virgin. He wanted to look at her some more but his relative got jealous. The two fought over that photo and winded up… like this.


Is this sex

Yea… Things get carried away…




But nothing happened… You lolicons. (・A・)



Cute and random. Saori seems so innocent… but not really, setting her relative up with a question like that. I’m sure all of us would react in similar, if not the same, ways… right?

Another one-shot that would tickle your inner “Onii-chan!” self. Such a guilty pleasure… I should stop covering stuff like this.


9 Responses


  2. Use your imagination!

  3. Right XD so dangerous… girls.

  4. “Onii-chan!” death bomb.

  5. But nothing happened


  6. Expecting something else? :p

  7. Do you have the rest of the pages by any chance?

    And what is the name of the artist?

    I wanna know so I can read the whole thing, and see if the artist has done anything else. ^^

  8. Takashima Tomohiro is the author and you can find the rest of it with your friendly search engine.

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