Usagi Drop – Chapter 16

My Sympathies

Reading Usagi Drop always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

Brief Summary

Payday! Happy times! Or… not.

Bonus Day

Since he’s classified as an new employee for transferring over, his wages aren’t that great.


Shockingly Low

Lamenting over his miniscule pay, Daikichi wondered how a single mother would handle finances. Thinking about that brought images of Rin’s biological mother to mind. No matter what, he still can’t bring himself to forgive her.


Cannot Forgive

He wondered how other parents were able to raise their children.

Other Fathers

After work, Daikichi went to the daycare to pick up Rin. There, he met Kouki who wanted to go home with him. However, the older man refused, saying that it’s not his responsibility to care for him but Nitani (Kouki’s mother).

Come Over

There was also a home visitation by teachers. Daikichi’s interview went by easier than expected. The same couldn’t be said for Nitani’s.

By Surprise

Let My Guard Down

Being children, Rin and Kouki didn’t care about such worrisome details. Instead, they wanted to spend more time with each other. That night, the two single-parent families will have dinner together.

Let's Go

It was the closest thing to family that any of them had ever experienced.

Thank You



Another chapter that shows what a great series this really is. From the very beginning when Daikichi went against his own family to give Rin one… Now, he’s inadvertantly helping another single parent with her troublesome son. Such a wholesome tale that’s not too emotional but… just right? Hard to explain.

Seeing the four of them so close together, I want to see them like this at the end of the series. They just… fit each other so well. Usagi Drop definitely deserves a happy ending, if not a perfect one.


One Response

  1. This chapter (minus the bonus pay day) was in the UD anime today, 2011 Sept 1st. I think they messed it up a bit, this episode wasn’t as great as 1-4 and 8.

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