Hyakuen! – Chapter 2


Celebration ✰ Payday!?

Looks like a hot, steamy situation there… with plastic bottles?

Brief Summary

It’s payday and that means the two girls get more money to spend save.

I'm Rich

Momo called her parents to let them know how she’s doing. However, Madoka reminded her that even phone calls cost money.


Money Eating Bug

That’s why she used email. It’s free!

I'll Will Come To Meet You Now

Perfect picture, no?

Before they went to school, Madoka forced Momo to exchange her bill into smaller ones so that she’ll spend less.

10,000 Yen

Yet… it didn’t matter. Momo’s going to spend her money, one way or another.

That Place

Where are they going to have such a luxurious lunch? The convenience store…

Time to Get Wild

Their friend Chise noted the differences between the two girls and wondered if they ever got into a fight. Madoka denied it.

A Fight

However, Momo had something different to say.

I Won

Shut Up


Anyways, they parted ways and Momo revealed that she does have some money-saving habits… even if they’re not as extreme as Madoka’s… nor as efficient.

New Book

How Much

Thankfully, before they could get into a fight, their focus shifted back to the food. Delicious hamburger steak.


Putting some of the techniques in the book to good use, Momo decided to use less water for their bath. They would take it at the same time and use plastic bottles to raise the water level. However, there’s a slight problem… No room for movement.



Angry Tick Mark + That Face = Epic Win!


Nothing too surprising here. Madoka’s still my most favorite character. It seems the author focused on her much more than Momo. More facial expressions and “chibi” moments. The blush factor is still there but not as… powerful?

I enjoyed this chapter more than the first one. The cuteness isn’t as exaggerated, and there’s a little more development. More about Madoka and Momo’s character, especially with that “fight” incident. Still, not too engaging in terms of substance…

Final note, I wonder if Madoka’s grandfather is a lolicon… “Happy” to get that email…


4 Responses

  1. Buu<3uu XD

    I really need to get on the ball and start this. ^^

  2. Or you could watch as I enjoy this :)


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