Otaku no Musume-san – Chapter 21

That's ugly

When Girls Change Into Their Swimsuits

I believe his reaction would mirror that of a certain fellow blogger.

Brief Summary

For artists like Morisaki Kouta, summer is not a time to relax. It’s the calm before the storm. However, this year, he won’t be a part of it…

Otaku Summer


… -unless he begs Haruka to lend him some space. With his manly pride at stake, Kouta refused and fired some insults back.


That Bitch

After calming down, he went to the pool to reconcile. There, he found the high school dropout relaxing… and still insulting him.



About to get into another fight, Kouta stopped himself and sincerely apologized.


Meanwhile, Nicchi’s in paradise.

Hello there!

Other way

Thankfully, the apartment manager was able to protect the little girls’ innocence. Cramming sugar in his mouth, Nicchi lost his lolicon lusts… for only an hour.


How Disgusting

Back to Kouta, he tried convincing Haruka to meet up with the others. Once she got out of the water, he realized why she didn’t want to go.

Meet Taeko




Seeing Haruka run off, Kouta decided to follow her instead of joining the rest of the group. He wanted to cheer her up. Even when his words failed, he wasn’t afraid to use physical force.



Before the tension between Kouta and Haruka could escalate, a more dangerous situation arose. Nicchi returned to his “normal” self. After defeating his lolicon friend and saving his daughter, he returned Mr. Dolphin to Haruka. Everyone’s happy now.

Save Me!

After coming back from the pool, Haruka changed her opinion of Kouta and offered him space for Comiket, no begging needed. Signs of change? Maybe… love?

If you want



Just as I thought! Haruka is the best out of all the characters. Way better than Miss High-School Manager who’s there just to “analyze” otakus, similar to how Misaki from Welcome to the NHK approached Saito. Plus, Haruka has a more… modest bust size.


Or the least?

Anyways, an enjoyable chapter with some fanservice from both Haruko and the manager. Of course, Kanou too if you’re into the younger generation… Teaser with romance but I don’t think it’ll last. The age gap is a bit large and Kanou would make things… awkward should they get to that stage.


2 Responses

  1. I think the father will become a pedophile. I mean, he has about two loli-figured girls. What’s there to stop him?

  2. Well, Kouta is more into schoolgirls with curves. Hence, his attraction to the high school-ing apartment manager. Besides, in the first couple chapters, he’s susceptible to moe~ but not a lolicon… unlike Nicchi. With that guy, sugar’s the only hope for loli-kind.

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