Usagi Drop – Chapter 15

Verbalize it

On a semi-related note, I’ve gone through 2 days of mandatory Sexual Harassment Training for work. One more left.

Brief Summary

Several people got fed up with the sloppy job done by interns so Daikichi went to his boss to issue a formal complaint. Because he was the only management-level employee with free time, he’s assigned to train them.

You do it


The new assignment was a delightful surprise. It wasn’t nearly as bad as he thought it’ll be. However, Daikichi would’ve never foreseen what happened next.

IT happened

Not a mindless task

nod nod

One of the interns kept making advances on him. It started out as a teacher-student relationship but after training’s over, she “accidentally” left things behind in his office. She often disappears from her assigned department to visit Daikichi’s.

Perfect Boss

Welcome aboard


Though he’s been successful in avoiding the issue, it couldn’t last forever. Eventually, she cornered him and made her intentions clear. She wanted to date him, even if for a short trial.

Final Straw

I can't

Trial Period

Faced with such a stubborn opponent, Daikichi used the ultimate weapon against single females.

I have a kid

“I have a kid…”

Forget It

That one line worked better than expected. Poor Rin… Never knowing how she’s been used.


The next day, Daikichi found out that she quit. Feeling guilty, he confessed to a higher-up that he might be responsible.

My fault

Yet, after learning that her intentions may not be pure, Daikichi sighed in relief… and in confusion. He would never understand the female mind.

Too Troublesome


A nice deviation from all the attention that Rin’s been getting in recent chapters. Even though the series is based on her adoption, I wanted a more personal look in how it affects Daikichi. He’s dealing with issues at home and work. A tough life for a single parent.

The chapter went by a lot faster than I would’ve liked. The romantic interest and subsequent break-off happened in 10 pages. I suppose it’s to reinforce the intern’s temporary status and how fickle she was with relationships. A bit funny seeing her reaction to Daikichi’s “I have a kid” statement. Then again, in reality, a good number of girls (and guys) would react the same way.


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