Foo Fighter Fuji

Countless Means

A nice one-shot that’s both romantic and silly… More of the latter.

Brief Summary

Gizagaki Fuji believes strongly in romance. That is, the gushy stuff about being “soul mates” never works in reality. Yet he would change his mind… with the help of a shooting star slamming into him.

Get Outta My Sight


Winding up in the hospital, Fuji wakes up to find his body… changed.

This is a Hospital

What the hell

Somehow, there’s a small girl living inside of him.

What is this

After waking her up, Fuji got some answers… but many more questions.

Sorry to wake you NOT

Since Yuuwa wrecked her spaceship in the crash, she turned Fuji into one. That’s right, the boy is now a spaceship… with his brain being the ship computer.




Even though none of the weapon systems are installed, Fuji can fly… but for only 5 seconds. That’s when his “fuel” runs out and food is needed.


But why is Yuuwa here? Well, she’s been betrothed to another alien. One that has a certain… fetish.

Tender Care

Now it’s up to a boy-turned-spaceship to save this alien stranger from the clutches of an alien pervert. At the same time, he’ll have to settle with himself about the true meaning of love.


Haha. I don’t know where to begin. Fuji turning into a spaceship with booster powers is whack. Yuuwa being a midget alien princess fleeing from another alien doll pervert is also whack. The two falling for each other even when they don’t believe in soul mates, priceless.

With just 45 pages, it’ll be a quick read. It’s doesn’t have any deep, meaningful parts, but it’s fun and that’s the main attraction… along with that panel with the girl coming out of his chest. Just imagine if that happened to you! :)


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