The World That Only God Knows – Chapter 47


The Girl’s Her

The loser does anything that the winner asks.

Brief Summary

Keima just finished an exhausting night of gaming just to find the entire house empty. His mother and Elsee went shopping, leaving him home alone.

The Sunlight It Burns

That is, before a supernatural guest arrived. Hakua stopped by to hang out with Elsee.


It's Not Like I'm Here To See You

“It’s not like I’m here to see you…”

Though embarrassed that she’ll be alone with him, Hakua decided to stay. Bored, she proposed playing a game and with Keima needing answers, he agreed but only with one additional condition. The winner makes the loser do whatever he/she wants.

The Loser Does Whatever the Winner Says

Of course, against the GOD of games, Hakua loses. Fearful of his intentions, Hakua backed into a corner… only to be questioned about the spirit hunting process.

Other than using love

There are other ways but they all achieve the same goal of filling the void in the host’s heart.

Doesn't Matter How You Do It

Another match later… Hakua loses again. Keima decides to ask another question about why Elsee was so adamant about love. Even though it’s the most effective means to drive the spirit out, it’s also the most risky.

Best of Us

So Unstable

lulz GOD

With her third loss in a row, Hakua finally loses it, smacking Keima with her sycthe. She was fed up with all those questions and the lack of interest that he shown with her.


Aren't you a tiny bit interested in me


Surprised by her reaction, Keima wondered if Hakua has her own partner…

I don't have a partner

Turned out that she does. It’s Yukie. Keima watched as the old lady dragged Hakua away.


Your Boyfriend

In disbelief of what just happened, Keima decided to follow.

I'm going out


Poor Hakua but then again, she’s the only girl so far that was “cleansed” by Keima and still maintained her memory. Probably the only girl other than Elsee who stands a chance pairing up with Keima… not that I can see him being tied down in a relationship. After all, he is the GOD of 2D, not reality.

Hakua’s so cute. Blush reactiion to Keima after he kept winning! Now I wonder if he’ll become her “knight in shining armor” to save her from Yukie… or more likely, somehow convince Hakua to stay with her current partner rather than switch to Keima. Either way, this is something new since Keima doesn’t go out of the way to do something unless it’s with his games or with the targets set by Elsee.


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