Baka to Boin – Chapter 1

What's wrong with me

Fools and Angels

Too… cute… GAH?!

Brief Summary

Yamada Taichi has only one interest in this world, which is the unpopular gravure model Shiina Kokoro. He gets a bit too… excited about it.



Just a tiny bit…

Here I Am

… Anyways…

Taichi’s hyped up now since there’ll be a special handshaking event in Akihabara. However, when he got there, he witnessed a terrible sight, one that he didn’t comprehend until it was too late.

Falling Angel

Shinna Kokoro


By “too late”, that mean when he’s in the hospital… after dreaming about her.

Shake my hand

He finds out that she’s still in critical condition, undergoing surgery.

In the hospital

In surgery

Yet, despite the nurse’s words, Kokoro-chan is right there…

In front of us

Went Through the Wall

The two introduced themselves to each other.

Yes I Am

Sweaty Hands

And they got an idea of what’s going on. Kokoro… may be a ghost.


While wandering the halls, they discovered the manager and Kokoro remembered why she fell. She was trying to save a balloon that got caught in a tree.



Remembering, the idol got sad, thinking that she’s useless.

Worthless Little Girl

But all it took was a confession from her #1 fan to bring her out of that depression.

I am your fan

Thank You

Their spirits charged up, the two were going to head back…


But someone just arrived. Someone who can also see Kokoro… A shinigami.

Middle Schooler


She’s there for Kokoro. The shinigami will take her soul away since the surgery just failed.

Death God

Gonna die



Can’t say I’ve seen this setup before but it’s not completely original. Fanboy meeting the idol of his dreams and things developing. Usually there’s some kick to this, most common with the idol not having the same personality as he believes. In this case, she just happens to be a ghost… who’s about to be reaped by the death god. And while this is all going on, she’s still in her angel cosplay uniform. Weird…

So, between Taichi’s endless devotion to Kokoro and the fanservice provided by the idol, two good things about this series. It doesn’t seem fully devoted to the latter… yet. Well, we’ll see but as of right now, a nice delicious read.


4 Responses

  1. Shinigami with bunny ears! lol

    I am not fond of the angel, but that “Thunk” panel is excellent :)

  2. More like the hoodie… but yea. :)

  3. grat

  4. Boin Baru DVD ??? siapa..DVD Jam : …..
    Jatyu xxx Ad Ka kontol + Memek

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