Mizuho Ambivalent – Chapter 1

Size AAA

“It’s really cute!”

oh gawd

Brief Summary

Just like any other morning, Mizuho takes a long time to dress up, necessary to ensure perfection.




A fresh start for middle school!

Tashiro Mizuho

Being such a beautiful trap, it isn’t surprising that Mizuho gets some male suitors. Even when they realize his true gender, there’s at least one who keeps trying.

Good Morning

I'm Actually A Guy

This daily routine between Mizuho and Akihiko was disrupted by the arrival of a new character… Akihiko’s sister, Alice Fujinomiya


Stop Doring Horrible Things

Correction: His cousin. Anyways, she doesn’t want him anywhere close to her relative, firmly believing that Mizuho is an evil woman.

Peeping Pics

Things don’t get any better in class. She’s assigned to the same room as Mizuho.

Transfer Student

Stared at

But why did she transfer back to this area? Well, it’s to look for that one “prince on the hill”. That prince… couldn’t be a “princess” now… or could he?

Prince on the Hill


A trap is fine too.

The plot is a tad cliché. It’s not original but the trap element certainly stirs things up. Imagine, Alice going for Mizuho since he’s her prince. Akihiko also going for him since he’s just a hormone-driven lad. Love triangle that involves family. Perfect setup for some good drama.


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