Hatsukoi Limited – Episode 10 (and 9)


Kappa Fight!

Q-chan! So fitting!

Note: This will be a bit backwards. Review of episode 9 will follow episode 10.

Episode 10
Brief Summary and Impressions

This episode covers the second-last bits of the series, meaning the rubbish before the emotional climax with the main characters. It’s been sticking close to the manga (and exceeding at parts) so I have to (grudgingly) give thanks to J.C. Staff for doing a good job.

Q vs Meguru

Nanoka Kyuuma, or affectionately nicknamed Q-chan, is Meguru’s swimming rival. However, she hadn’t heard about Meguru quitting so the news came as a great shock. Nonetheless, she pushed forward and got a match set up. Since the busty girl lacked practice, Q-chan won. The defeat sent Meguru into the pits of depression. It took some advice from Enomoto Kei and ultimately, a confession from the Swim Captain (and crush) Takei Gengorou about not minding her enormous breasts to return her to normal. Meguru picked up swimming again and it’s The End for her story. Thankfully.

Honestly, I could care less for anything dealing with Meguru. In my eyes, she’s the most worthless girl in Hatsukoi Limited, worse than Enomoto Yuu (Kei’s older sister). Just a girl who has big boobs and too concerned about them. Both sides of her story, joining the swim team and getting that half-confession from Takei, were bland and lacked the emotional punch that others have. Just a huge waste of time that could be spent enhancing Dobashi x Terai.

Sumiere vs Kei

The other half of the episode covered the sudden appearance of Fudounomiya Sumire, the head of the Theatre Club. Hearing the term “kappa” (Kei insulting him as usual), she stepped in and latched onto Kusada. The boy, with his perverted tendancies, turned into butter upon contact with Sumire’s large assets. However, despite the lure of porn and more cuddling, he remained faithful to his feelings and turned down the chance given by the Theatre Club head. Despite that, Kei remains stubborn about her feelings, openly denying her feelings while lashing him with more insults. Rejected and fed up with it all, Kusada joins Sogabe and Mamoru, making it a trio of lovesick, depressed boys. Despairing, something needs to be done.

It’s too late in the series for “Kappa Girl” to really have any effect. Unless you haven’t been following it, it’s obvious how this confrontation will go. It wasn’t like Suzuka where Honoka had a real chance in stealing Yamato away. Way too obvious in how it unfolded. Again, more cleavage and with Meguru sharing the screentime, it’s sickening. However, this is the necessary prerequisite for Sogabe, Kusada, and Mamoru to embark on their journey. I’m trying to avoid spoiling it all… but in my opinion, that will be the (second?) most touching event in the entire series.

Episode 9

Cherry Blossoms

I decided not to do a post about this since I was, and still am, too confused by it all. Not by what happened but why so much was invested in her story. Nao has her own in-series theme and as much as I’ll hate to admit it, the final moments were much more emotional than Dobashi’s kiss. Yet… WHY?!

Sure, her story was infinitely better than Meguru’s and more original than Kei’s. Definitely less complicated than the Misao love polygon. Sogabe doesn’t really factor in since it’s the beginning stages. Not as pure and innocent as Dobashi but close. However, her “first love” with graduated artist Yukito Renjou didn’t seem special. There was no real spark there with how Nao fell in love with him. When watching, I ignored most of the episode up until the end. Yet, those last four minutes were enough to convince me that this may the best thing this season. Maybe it’s her tears. Maybe it’s her smile in the painting. I don’t know. It just came together. Argh!

I blame J.C. Staff for making a masterpiece out of an otherwise boring episode.

Nao's Smile

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  1. totally agree. the last 4 minute is so beautiful that my mind is left completely blown away. i wanted to shout bravo!!

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