Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjuu – Chapter 1

The Beds Should Be Empty Right Now

Fu Fu Fu… Oneesama~

Brief Summary

Yoshii Akihisa finished his entrance exam with the utmost confidence that he won’t wind up in the dumbest class, appropriately labeled as Class F. Now, this was no regular exam. In addition to the regular academia, there’s also an test involving summoned beings.

Summoned Beings

Impressive, no?

Approaching the front gates, he was stopped by one of the faculty members who seemed to praise him, saying that Yoshii went beyond expectations. In truth, he exceeded it in a negative way.

Be Happy Yoshii

You Really Are An Idiot

Their acceptance letters are very concise. Straight to the point!

While going to class, he passes Class A and sees something amazing. The elites of the school were blessed with EVERYTHING! TVs, laptops, fridges, megane instructor, and even… a yuri-tastic class rep?

Class A


Rumored That She's A Lesbian

Class F, on the other hand… completely different.

Class F

Everything's Broken


But at least the students are interesting! There’s a beautiful trap and ninja pervert. Don’t forget his archenemy!

Trap and Ninja


The cute girl that Yoshii saw on exam day was also there. Despite her intellect, she automatically got a zero since she left the test room to go to the infirmary.

Lone Flower

Could this be… the start of some school romance?

So Cute

Or will it crash and burn?

Stop Crying

After consulting with the class rep, the entire class gets fired up. Sick of how poor their room is in comparison to the others, they’ll prove that test scores aren’t everything. They will climb their way to the top with an Exam Summoned Beings War.

Summoned Beings War

Deciding that Class A is too hard for a start, Yoshii delivered a challenge to Class D… and almost lost his life. Going to the roof, the class got their early and began planning for the attack. They got sidetracked with lunch.

Salt and Water

Feeling sorry for him, Himeji offered to make him lunch.

Make a lunch for you

Taking advantage of the atmosphere, Yoshii tried to confess… but the threat of an empty stomach defeated his courage.

I've always love

Doing things with you

Soon, the battle begins and Yoshii is right behind the front with archenemy Shimada.

Right Tits

With retreat impossible, his squad goes in for support.


Trying to sneak around the Chemistry section, Shimada encounters an old enemy. Easily defeated, she can’t resist her punishment.

Has to be You


Never forget

Just to make sure that there’ll be no interference, Miharu attacks Yoshii.



This is so funny… yet so stupid. The combination somehow makes this amusing so I guess it’s ok. Definitely a comedy but it has some small elements of action (with the summoned beings fighting each other) and romance (Yoshii and Himeji and Hideyoshi). Quite quick into the story with the battle with Class D already underway.

I heard that the original story’s a light novel but I haven’t read it.  I’ll look for it the next time I visit the bookstore but until then, this will be my first experience with Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjuu.


4 Responses

  1. hahaha Indeed, very impressive. That a cute summoned beasty :)

  2. I prefer the trap… orz

  3. miley cyrus hairstyles,

  4. I sort of found your site by accident, but your blog site caught my attention i thought that I might post to let you know that I enjoy it.

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