Cute Girlfriend

Haha… oh really?

Brief Premise

Imamoto Tadashi is in his second year of middle school and already, he has a nice cute girlfriend.


He has a nice cute girlfriend. But really, she is kind and caring… in her own way.

Brush Him

However, old habits die hard.

Stealing Lunch Money

Despite her tough exterior, Saya’s still a girl… She has a heart that needs love.

I'm your girlfriend

But they need to keep their relationship a secret. Saya’s just too shy and if it somehow becomes public, people will die.


Every once in a while, the two get lucky and express their love for one another… like normal couples.

I want you to call me honey


Short-lived bliss…


Tsundere to the extreme! Because of Saya’s position as boss, seeing her reduced to a moeblob then back to tough girl in a split second is just hilarious. Kinda feel sorry for Tadashi but he had it coming. Plus, there’s no escape. He’ll die if anyone finds out that he’s dating Saya. He’ll die if he gets her angry with a breakup. Doomed either way.

Final note, what’s with loli henchwoman Midzuki with that bear/pico-hammer?


3 Responses

  1. May I ask you something? My english isn’t very good and I can’t really get that “brush” joke. Could you please explain to me what did they mean? Thank you very much.

  2. “Brush him” as in “Don’t hurt him, just rough him up a bit.”

  3. I love this manga! It’s extremely good. Saya is so cute! I don’t get why Yuna has MASSIVE boobs though!
    Do you know if it’s possible to buy this? Or has it not been released yet? Thanks :)

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