Welcome to Gensokyo!


Now I know why it’s called danmaku/”Curtain Fire”/”Bullet Hell”… orz

I keep losing to Izayoi Sakuya…


5 Responses

  1. State your difficulty if you want us to scoff give helpful advice.

    But seriously, if it’s your first Touhou game, welcome aboard! Hopefully you’ll enjoy your stay in Gensokyo.

    One thing that I tell everyone is to avoid needless movement, because the patterns in Touhou are much more puzzle-like in nature, moving slowly and daring players to figure them out. (Even the fast bullets tend to be aimed / centered at a player’s current location, so small movements will be enough to get out of the way.)

    But I’m only a Normal player myself, so I can only say so much. ^^;;

  2. Yup! First time and experiencing hell. Enjoyable hell. Even if I restart so many times, at least the music is good.

    Trying it on Normal (heard that you get mocked if Easy) but still stuck at Sakuya. I think I’m being too conservative with the bombs. I’ll keep the needless movement in mind since I panic and run into a net of them with no escape.

    Tested my luck on Insane and made it to the start of Hong Meirin’s level (but not the boss herself).

  3. It’s a tough break starting with EoSD since that experience will be a baptism by fire (or maids if you prefer). I think Imperishable Night is a gentler introduction so I’d start with that.

    And yes, the music is definitely good.

  4. This brings back painful memories…I can NEVER get past the third stage…IN ANY GAME!!! ”’orz

    But yeah, I still play it once in a while because it’s fun [getting your @ssed kicked].

  5. @vnmoonlily
    I saw that it was the first one for XP so I went for it. Trying to get Perfect Cherry Blossom. Heard that I could play as Sakuya :)

    It’s so painful… but so good.

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