My Barbaric Girlfriend – Chapter 1

Playing With My Important Part

Destined Person

“It’s okay with boys.”

Brief Summary

Momoi Nanako seems like the perfect girl. She’s so pretty and elegant…


… up until you see her true character. Then you see a ferocious beast in human form.

Another Victim

Of course, after receiving violent abuse for their romantic efforts, most guys steer clear of her. However, that isn’t the case for Uehara Akira. He likes her… for some reason that even he can’t fathom.

Uehara Akira

Madly in Love

So when given the chance to visit her house since everyone else mysteriously found other things to do, Akira seized it. Upon entering her house, he was quickly swept into a science experiment run by Nanako’s deranged grandfather.

Substitute for the Experiment

The mad scientist accidentally started the experiment early.


The result? Failure…


Or maybe not?

It can't be

… Something worked at least. Sorta.


So begins the lives of a masculine Momoi in Uehara’s body and a feminine Uehara in Momoi’s body…


I think this is the most engaging “genderswapping” series that I’ve come across so far. It definitely tests one’s heterosexuallity if you’re the kind of reader who gets a little too imaginative and places him/herself in the main character’s shoes. I have to admit, this stuff is far more entertaining than traps. So much drama!


Kinda a love-hate relationship with the main character, Akira. Sometimes, I feel sorry for him for being stuck in Momoi’s body and dealing with that troublesome grandfather. Then comes the time when she bathes with Shiina, which would make any male seeth in envy. Relationships are so weird since you’ll think of Akira as a guy… since he really was one before the experiment. But sometimes, he’s really more like a girl. So how he should go around dating guys…? Well, that’s part of the fun with this series. :)


2 Responses

  1. Legit generswap is definitely a c-c-c-combo breaker O.o hehe

  2. And so confusing X_x

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