Chatting in Our Pajamas – Chapter 1

The Warmth in Our Hands

A tale of heartbreak…

Brief Summary

Like most slumber parties, talk of romance comes up, and there was an unexpected answer from Nanao. She’s already in love with someone.

I'm in Love

Coming from someone who isn’t interested with guys, this was a huge shock. Immediately, the other girls crowded around her, bombarding Nanao with questions.

Who is it

Kiyo is also interested, but she already knows the truth. So instead, she congratulated the other girl.


It was only by chance that Kiyo found Nanao sharing an intimate moment with her lover… the school nurse.

Already Going Out

Nanao’s confrontation was further proof of the forbidden love.

Scary When Embarassed


When the girls finally got to sleep, Nanao thanked Kiyo in her own way for not spilling the secret. However, those words also served as a rejection. There is no place in Nanao’s heart for Kiyo.

So You Knew

Even so, Kiyo’s determined to keep watching her. Nothing is more tantalizing and painful like unrequited love.

That Strange Expression

So Cute


Quite an enjoyable series if a bit short (~5 chapters). What drew me to this was the art style and how Nanao was drawn. The plot is a bit fast paced but the ending was satisfying. It was a tad open ended but the way it’s executed doesn’t really require closure.

A simple tale of romance between faculty and student. Forbidden of course but that’s part of the draw. Embarrassed Nanao is so cute <3


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