My Barbaric Girlfriend – Miu’s Brother Complex


Still making my way through the chapters. Currently on volume 5.

It all started with an innocent visit to her brother’s room. Miu didn’t know that her brother swapped bodies with a crude girl but the change to manliness only made the little girl idolize him (or her?).

Being his sister

Then she discovered a doujin that Akira’s classmates made. By opening the cover, Miu passed the point of no return.


It’s too late. She’s a lost soul now.

Brother Fetish


My Barbaric Boyfriend

Well played. I’m really enjoying the series and I’ll probably make a proper post about it later. However, this extra just leapt out at me and I couldn’t resist.


2 Responses

  1. Awesome! Miu’s reactions XD super cute.

  2. Corruption is best done at a young age?

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