Choku! – Chapter 1

Lovers take shits together and cover each other with blood

This Is Me, And She’s My Friend.

… wut?

Brief Summary

Nao isn’t a social person. Instead of eating lunch among classmates, he prefers to hide out in the restrooms and play video games.


This is Nao.

Games and Lunch in the Restroom

This is his lunch break.

It was only by chance that he encountered Serika. Just some blood dripping onto his game console followed by twin geysers that drenched him with her fluids.

First Encounter


Nosebleed Fountain

Despite claiming to be lovers, Nao doesn’t know her.


In fact, she asked him but he turned her down.

Not Even Dating

But upon seeing her tears, Nao relented… and the two became friends.


What do friends do? They go home together…

Lovely Message


They take pictures together…


Women Only (not)

Trap and Nosebleed Mask


Extras Please


And of course, go to the bathrooms together…

Let's Go Take A Shit Together

So begins their beautiful friendship…


It’s just one of those times when something is so crazy that it seems good. My brain is still trying to get a grasp on what went on… but it’s stuck at the very beginning, the part where she thinks lovers take a crap together. Then the scene at the picture studio just topped it. Trappy bride… and that ridiculous mask. Haha.

Serika is kinda like Kotomi from Clannad… but focused more on nosebleeding and marriage instead of books and violins. Nao… seems like the bullied kind. Way too soon judge how good the series will be but the first chapter is crazy good. I just hope they’re able to keep up with the randomness.


6 Responses

  1. Whut the? O_o

    I don’t know what to make of this, but this post just made me want to read it!

    [Last image is filled with “WTF!?” and LULZ!]

  2. Same here. Too soon to tell but with nosebleeds, potential traps, and a seal-sidecar, looking good.

  3. OH GAWD!

    Seriously, comedic, madness… omg.

    I don’t look as nice Just WTF, WTF, WTF LOOOL

  4. I concur with Ryan. WTF. BUT WIN!

  5. @RyanA

    Still waiting for chapter 2 for more wackiness!

  6. I like the girl’s design, especially the closeup at the “I don’t look as nice” panel :)

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