What is this

My first thought: What the fuck?!

Basic Premise and Impressions

The series is a very fun but short and random. The concept behind each chapter is introducing everyday things that undergo “anthropomorphism” or the transformation into human form. In this case, beautiful girls.

This includes CD players…



Far superior to my old, still-functioning CD player… Where can I get one?

Also handcuffs…



The question is… Will the crime rate go up or down with this?

As well as tea bags too…




Ummm… yeah…

And don’t forget some sushi…



Would you eat her?

I don’t think any chapter is more than 10 pages so it’ll be a quick read. Quite enjoyable and so far, my favorite is the CD girl. Just seeing her give up by putting the microphone down is lulz. Short, simple, and sweet.


3 Responses

  1. Oh My Goooo! I sort of wish to envision the small objects in the world this way now. Handcuffsssoooocute! All cute.

  2. Relevant to my interests. This is the evolution to gadget naming!

  3. @RyanA
    Explosion of cuteness. There was also one about curry powder but I don’t think it was up to par… though she did take off her top…

    I could imagine you getting cuffed everyday…

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