Otakon 2009


I just pre-registered so you can expect more coverage of the largest anime convention on the U.S. East Coast.

For those interested in attending, pre-registration at the cost of $55 ends June 17th and if you wait too long, you’ll have to pay the door price of $65. You can find more information and links to registration here.

For those interested in stalking meeting me, have fun trying to single me out from the thousands of people attending. I’ll be one of the few not cosplaying or wearing themed attire. But honestly, leave a message or email if you can tolerate a still-green con-goer… after I do a background check.


6 Responses

  1. I’ll be there right next to you with my brand new camera! :-D

    I thought you pre-registered a few days ago….

  2. Haven’t check my mailbox in a while but trying to get a former coworker to join me. Don’t think he can make it since he’s transferring jobs to another state.

  3. Well, have fun. Ignore the discontented muttering in the background (which probably comes from one who lives in a part of the globe where mega-sized anime conventions are nothing more than a fantasy).

  4. Mega-sized usually means mega-hyped. If possible, I would try to hook up my laptop/webcam but not sure if it’s allowed in the convention and my laptop is nearing its end.

  5. w00t xD I will be there too!
    visit me at artist alley ^____^

  6. Lemme know where in the Artist Gallery you’ll be. I’ll be visiting it probably on the second day, depending on the attendance/cosplay quality.

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