Claymore – Chapter 92

Soul Seal

Soul Seal

Brief Summary

Clare finds herself reliving a memory. It was the first time she met Rafaela, right after saving Jean from Riful and almost defeating Dauf. This time, she fights the former #2 (and #5 in Clare’s time) Claymore.

Fight me

Forced to fight, Clare used Flora’s signature attack, Windcutter. However, the lightning-fast draw proved useless against the experienced Rafaela.

Wind Cutter

Wind Cutter Fail

For that mistake, Clare died.


Fortunately, it was only in the mind. Imagined… if that makes it any easier to comprehend.

All in the Mind

Still alive but the danger of death still there, Clare and Rafaela prepared for round 2 of their fight. This time, Clare will use her final trump card, a technique that she hasn’t used for the past 7 years.

Power up


Clare used the signature attack of another deceased Claymore. Quick Sword (also known as Swift Blade) from Irene.

Vanished Youki

Quick Sword


Victorious, Rafaela entrusted her memories and feelings to Clare, the last thing she did before her body fully awakened.

Take Them


When Rafaela-Luciela woke from its hibernation, everyone noticed… from Riful to the Organization to the survivors of the Northern Campaign.

Helen and Deneve

Alicia and Beth

Even a certain civilian with a not-so-loli awakened Claymore did…



Judging by how Priscilla had grown, I suppose Raki failed in his promise to keep her from eating humans. After all, he said he was willing to be consumed by her, knowing that he can’t prevent the inevitable. Oh well, he’s not a character I’m too fond of… but I am envious of his shiny armor.

So… about that Clare vs. Rafaela in dreamland… It seemed so out of place. But, for the sake of a future fight, I’m overlooking it. However, I can’t help but notice that Clare doesn’t have any signature attacks of her own unless you count her partially awakened form as one (youki reading isn’t an attack). So far, she stuck to Flora and Irene’s moves. I guess when we have that huge Riful/Dauf vs. Alicia/Beth vs. Abyss Eaters vs. Miria/company battle, Clare will do something unique… Still waiting for that…


2 Responses

  1. Someday I might skim through this manga because I like character design. For now, I’ll just enjoy reading your posts about it :)

  2. I like how the artist doesnt care if ir rated R or PG never usually see something like this! :]

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