Princess Lucia

Sex on the Roof

Seo Kouji’s latest work…

Basic Premise

Yuta attempts to maintain a normal life while fending off a lustful demon who wishes to bear his child.

Make babies

Following the superstition of 666, Yuta and Lucia’s child will be some super demon that will conquer the world.

Demon Babies

Lucia’s advances aren’t the only forces in play. As you might have guessed, angels were sent to stop her.

Angel Protectors

These angels aren’t strangers. In fact, they’re upperclassmen from his school. One of them is a love interest…


Unfortunately, their (mostly Lucia’s) supernatural powers get out of hand and Yuta winds up in some dangerous situations.




Seo Kouji… An author who I once held in high regards due to his work with Suzuka… Fallen a little bit since Kimi no Iru Machi (A Town Where You Live) didn’t seem as engaging in the romance sector. I expected something new, something fresh… Ultimately, something good that I could read once I get home from work and feel satisfied. These expectations were not met. Instead, my eyes were exposed to this… trash.

Granted, I’m not opposed to fanservice… if that’s not the only good thing in the series. Even To Love-Ru and Rosario+Vampire have some kind of plot. This on other hand… ugh. Oh, the title certainly hides the final pairing well… right? RIGHT?!

What boggles me the most is the character design. Ever since Half and Half from the mid-199os, it’s been the same recycled characters only with different names. It’s no different with Cross Over or Suzuka. It was one of my gripes with Kimi no Iru Machi, despite my Nanami shipping. What do I see here? THE SAME THING.

Expectations are quite low for this. Not looking forward to any work from this author any time soon…


5 Responses

  1. See, I’d want to like it, because I like the mangaka’s designs, but you’re so right about the plot… just seems weak, and/or a bit too … off. O.o

  2. I like the character designs at first… but seeing them recycled only confuses me. I wind up relating them to their clones in different series. I think Seo Kouji is a perfect example of a mangaka who truly lacks originality.

  3. ok……..but cool

  4. Too slutty! I love it!!!!<3

  5. lol

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