Kannagi – Chapter 32

Kannagi Idolmaster

… Enough said?

Brief Summary

For this year’s culture festival, the school’s having a rather… unique theme. Courtesy of Takako of course.

moe~ theme

“I think this is dumb.” <- Best line ever!

Despite Takako’s and the Nagi Fan Club’s influence, there’s an equally strong opposition, the Zange Fan Club.

I choose YOU

Zange Competition

Nagi accepts this challenge, knowing that this will prove who is more popular (and thus, stronger).

Accepting the challenge

One unaccounted element in this contest was a shabby, long-haired boy.


He somehow knows Zange…


For some reason, his appearance made Nagi faint. Zange claims that if the two ever meet, disaster would occur.



Hearing about the contest between Nagi and Zange, Ozuma decides to contribute. Fan Service~



This had the opposite effect.

Opposite Effect

While Ozuma’s faithfully doing his service, Nagi’s winning votes the old-fashioned way.

Nagi Power


After some hard campaigning from both sides… the results are in!


As expected, it was a tie! Split right between the genders…


But there was one vote left… Hakua’s (commonly known as Zange now) father. How will he vote?

Final Vote

There you have it, Nagi’s the OFFICIAL school idol. She will do a live performance and hopefully, she won’t sing “Song of Hello Soybeans” again…



I was reminded of Seto no Hanayome with the San and Luna idol wars, minus the mermaid voices. I’m disappointed that Tsugumi wasn’t involved. She only showed up for two panels. I was hoping that she’ll somehow win… becoming the major underdog. I can only dream…

New characters popping up. First it’s Myuu and now Ozuma? I wonder if he’s some newborn diety or merely Zange’s poorly-kept shouta pet… Perish the latter thought.


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  1. Omg… That “YOU!” Panel is priceless! :D

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