The World That Only God Knows – Chapter 42


A Demon That’s Tiny = The Little Devil

Brief Summary

Due to her success in capturing spirits, Elsee is a candidate for the “Great Demon Medal”. The commitee in charge of this looked into her daily routines to see if she’s worthy… and they found this.

Maid Elsee

True Power


Unfortunately, instead of giving her that medal, they decided to dock her pay.


I would give her that medal. If she served me. End of story.


4 Responses

  1. SEELE is Hell’s corporation in charge?


  2. Inb4 Kaworu? D:

  3. lolol, I’m feeling you could totally have a blog run on meido posts!

  4. If I could, I probably would. However, that might require more effort on my part… rather than my current take on just blogging stuff that interests me.

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