Prunus Girl – Chapter 1

Prunus Girl

That’s just how it is… really…

Brief Summary

On that blossoming Spring day, Maki was checking the results of the high school entrance exam when he had a fateful encounter with a girl guy (so she claims). The two wind up in the same class, her appearance just as shocking to his classmates as it is to him.


Aikawa uses his appearance to tease people, especially Maki. Things get more complicated when Maki suspects that he lied about his gender, meaning “he” is actually a “she”. After all, the only proof otherwise were Aikawa’s own words.


Maybe a girl


There’s only one way to check for certain, but emotions and morals got the better of him. Well, that and Aikawa catching him in the act…



If that wasn’t confusing enough, there was that one time when Aikawa woke him up after class had ended.

After Class

Knowing that Maki’s still in disbelief about “his” gender, Aikawa offered a solution. Depending on his choice, Aikawa will become a boy or girl.


Magic Candy

Feed Me

Such a difficult choice to make… considering the possible outcomes…



So which did he choose? Well… the only neutral one…


But Aikawa isn’t satisfied by such an answer.



While kissing Maki, Aikawa passed one of the candies to his mouth. However, that didn’t answer the question of Aikawa’s gender.


Which one


A trap is fine too.

Gawd. After reading the second chapter of this, I still do not know whether Aikawa is a guy or girl. Looks like a girl, acts like a girl, BUT IS NOT A GIRL?! The mind games that Aikawa plays aren’t helping either.



3 Responses

  1. Interesting hair design :)

    I especially like “Hey there” and “Ngulp” panels :)

    With a trap it would be much more fun :)

  2. Yea, I forgot to point out that Aikwaw seems to have a boy’s cut on one side and a girl’s on the other. MORE CONFUSION! D:

    With those panels you mentioned, I can imagine them being some touching scenes should this ever get animated…

    Traps are more fun… but oh so much more painful =(

  3. Yes, more confusion!

    It would be nice to see it animated :)

    Traps ftw!

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