Hatsukoi Limited – Episode 7

Lonely Snowman

Finally! Dobashi’s turn!

Brief Summary

Ayumi and Koyoi Singing

Dobashi in Karaoke Booth

They were actually singing the OP!

After some karaoke, the girls made their way back home, trudging through the deep snow. Nao and Ayumi apologized once again for not being in the Christmas party, sorry that they left Kei alone with Kusada. However, as we’ve seen in the previous episode, the classy tsundere wasn’t too depressed about that. Changing the topic, she distracted the less level-minded girls by pointing out a park with pristine, untouched snow… meaning everyone but Dobashi.

Snow Angels

Nao making Snow(wo)men

Dobashi pressed further, asking if something nice happened with Kusada. Flustered, Kei tried putting the pressure back on the other girl, asking if the boy seen earlier was her boyfriend. Dobashi confirmed it and admitted that she went on a date with him on Christmas Eve. After getting over the initial shock, Kei pitied the guy since Dobashi doesn’t seem easy to approach and her boyfriend looks too timid to lead in the relationship.


Dobashi in the Snow

The next day, the tennis team was having practice indoors. Terai struggled with pushups and Dobashi noticed. His friends picked on him, warning that Dobashi would train him again if he doesn’t improve. It also seems that very few know about their true relationship.

Pushup Fail

Walking back home together, Terai tried summoning the courage to hold her hand while Dobashi pondered over Kei’s words. Since it was a short walk, time ran out and the day ended without a change in their relationship.

Holding Hands

Too Timid

Disappointed, Terai wondered if everything before was just imagined. Memories of how they met and started dating… to the hug she gave. Maybe everything was made up.



It got so bad that he got a nightmare about it. He dreamt that Dobashi got frustrated by his athletic ineptitude and broke up with him.

Terai's Nightmare


A couple days later, the couple went to the shrine for New Years. Terai prayed that he would get to hold Dobashi’s hand. They weren’t the only ones who went. Koyoi and her brother also went.


Koyoi and Yoshihiko

Of course, Koyoi wished for a more intimate relationship with her brother while Yoshihiko wanted her to find someone else to love. While coming back from the shrine, the siblings bumped into Misaki and Koyoi realized just how strong of a “final boss” her love rival is.

Swordmaster Koyoi?


Sad Eyes

However, Misaki doesn’t share the same feelings. Instead, since she’s an only child, she’s envious that Yoshihiko has such a cute little sister. Koyoi also learned the entrancing power of Misaki’s breasts, succumbing to it herself.



That convinced Koyoi to start a breast enlarging program… one that Ayumi joined.

We must defeat the Final Boss!!

Kusada and Kei also had a moment, recognizing that both of them wore their Christmas gifts. This was something that Dobashi definitely noticed.

Kei Blush

Kusada Blush


Back to Dobashi’s story, Terai was in the pits of depression when there was an unexpected development. She suggested that they get drinks, fulfilling the same request he made in their last walk. However, despite this, Terai’s still disappointed that he couldn’t hold her hand.

That Way

Dobashi Drinking

Seizing the moment, Terai summoned up his courage to ask beg Dobashi to have permission to hold her hand.


Seeing him try so hard, she granted his wish… and more…

Holding Hands


Well, if only his glasses didn’t get in the way… but that was quickly remedied.


No Glasses in the way this time

Now for the real thing…


After kissing, Dobashi ran off in embarrassment, Terai quickly following.




Well after all that wait, it’s finally here! Dobashi’s story of her first (and only) love!


There’s just something about Dobashi that makes her stand out from the rest of the cast. Ayumi and Koyoi are too immature. Nao… She’s a close second, losing out only because of a certain event in the art club. Kei is just blah, not really a fan of tsunderes. Meguru’s story has no impact. Misaki’s sudden crush on the Arihara brother doesn’t sit well with me. Seriously? Shoving a lolipop into a girls mouth equates to love? If only it was that easy…

Besides being the most reasonable out of the bunch, she wins points by being a tennis player. Yes, personal bias since I myself was one once… but sadly, no similar tales of romance during my athletic years. But the main reason why I adore Dobashi is because of her simple yet powerful story. While it isn’t much by itself, there’s so much emotion, especially with the final scene with the kiss. I really have to give respect to J.C. Staff for making such a great adaptation… despite how I really loathe them for their other works…

Well, besides this episode, there’s one or two more that I’m looking forward to… A JOURNEY OF REBIRTH THAT MEN MUST UNDERTAKE!!! For those who read the manga, it’s the “Boy’s Escape” arc.


3 Responses

  1. I like kitty girl the most even though I have not seen the anime :P


  3. Q tonto io crei q era un video i solo imagenes!…T_T

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