Medaka Box – Chapters 2-4

Medaka Box

Almost forgot about this series… Shame on me!

Brief Summaries

Chapter 2

Reintroducing the characters, we have Kurokami Medaka, the current student council president.

Student President Medaka

She’s a bit… quirky and her childhood friend, Hitoyoshi Zenkichi, knows all about it.

Behind You

But despite his initial commitment to stay away from her, Zenkichi ends up by her side, helping her by fulfilling one of the officer positions. Thus, his fate is sealed. He’ll be involved in whatever machinations she comes up with… including the “Medaka Box”, a school-wide suggestion box that the president introduced.

Just like we used to

I need you

It didn’t take long before the student council faced their first challenge.


There was a request to get rid of delinquents hanging around the kendo hall. As it turns out, there were no troublemakers, just regulars of the Kendo Club who lost their way. Medaka whipped them into shape with a brutal training program but intimidated by how tough it was, everyone quit. Thus, when the next matchup arrived, Zenkichi was the only one available to fight members of a rival school. After watching the student council officer get beat up, the former members got inspired and jumped into the fray, leaving the safety of the sidelines. With everyone back in the club and devoted to martial arts, the Medaka Box had its first success.

Chapter 3

After successfully handling the first case, Zenkichi’s used to his position, no longer griping about it. He’s more than ready to take on new entries in the Medaka Box.

Lowest Rank

This time, a runner on the track team came forward. She had her shoes ruined and a note was left behind, telling her to quit the team.



Enraged by such a threat directed to a classmate, the president ordered the entire council (meaning Zenkichi and herself) to mobilize.


It wasn’t long before they found their first suspect. It was an upperclassman who felt jealous that an underclassman overtook her. Ariake will be representing the school and not her.


Instead of… normal practices, Medaka went straight to the point, asking the question directly upfront.


It turns out they were right and the culprit was her. However, since the president was so trusting of others, she fully believed Isahaya’s lies. Zenkichi didn’t and he talked with the perpetrator, convincing her to make amends. Thankfully, before Medaka could come up with any more ideas, the situation ended with an apologetic letter and a new pair of shoes.

Chapter 4

The next request was for a lost puppy. However, this will be handled differently since Medaka won’t be involved. She has a problem with animals.

Lost Puppy

Weak spot

Well, that changed when Zenkichi kept blabbering about working with Shiranui. Jealousy indeed.


Thus, Medaka jumped into the case… in her own special way.


The case resolved itself when Medaka tried to pet the runaway dog. It ran away in fear, cowering beneath Zenkichi. Turns out Medaka isn’t afraid of animals… it’s the other way around.



Due to her indomitable stature, all animals recognize her to be superior… which grieves the poor girl since she actually loves animals.

Medaka Puppy


I read somewhere that Kurokami Medaka resembles Suzumiya Haruhi and I don’t deny that. It’s part of the charm about this series. There’s something good about watching Medaka drag Zenkichi around, knowing that he won’t resist since he likes her. The more-than-occasional fanservice doesn’t hurt either.

Looking forward to the next chapter but yearning for some romance. Oh, and Shiranui looks weird… too weird.


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  1. Hmm, hair styles vary so much!

    I love expressions of the girl :)

    haha Puppy! :3

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