Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~: Episode 8


A bit slow but definitely my favorite this season.

Brief Summary

The previous episodes served to flesh out Zwei, exposing him to the underworld while hardening his heart, one kill at a time. Claudia exposed his true identity as Azuma Reiji as an incentive to stay by her side. After all, Ein was given a job from Scythe Master to betray Inferno and by his orders, she did. Zwei on the other hand… he could go back to the organization if he wishes to. But when he came back to the old training warehouse and found Ein wounded, Zwei just couldn’t abandon her… And thus, they are forced to make a decision.

Take you Away


They will run away… from Inferno… from Scythe Master… to escape from this bloody life.




I always suspected Scythe Master to betray the organization but I didn’t expect him to completely disappear while Ein did the dirty work. I thought he’ll be more like the typical villain who watches as the chaos unfold. Then again, the less I see of him, the better… as I remember how he would frequently strip Ein and do something to her.

Finally Zwei takes the main role instead of sitting in the back, either following Ein’s lead or going emotional over the latest assignemnt. Really enjoying this series even if the background music seems… random at times.


4 Responses

  1. Oh, so the music is kind of random you say? I was impressed by some music in the trailers and was wondering how anime will turn out. It is not good or just does not match the footage sometimes?

  2. Some of the background music felt out of place… like the part he was driving down the road to the hideout. So suspenseful… and then it ends when he opens the door.

    Overall, my favorite this season but I have to be patient for subs since I’m not familiar with its source (unlike Hatsukoi Limited) nor is it easy watching (unlike Sengoku Basara).

  3. I loveeeeeeeee men and girl bocs magyar vok xd

  4. IM hungary ŁŁŁŁŁŁŁŁŁŁŁ am olyan fain az a srác ,

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