Chrome Shelled Regios – Episode 20

Poor Felli


Brief Summary

Sparkly FonFon

Sparkly Nina


With their captain recovered, Squad 17 is back in order… or so it seems on the surface. With the Haikizoku merged in her body, Nina’s stronger than ever. Even Layfon realized that while in training. However, this new bond between the captain and the former Heaven’s Blade only alienates the Felli as she watches from the sidelines.

Angry Felli

I am not pleased with this development!

Felli Rage

Felli venting her frustrations by punching and kicking

Even though Felli’s more or less ignored by her fellow squadmates, she didn’t escape the notice of a certain mercenary… who decides to kidnap her. Haia would use her as bait to lure Layfon out so that they would resolve things, once and for all.

However, there was a more pressing development. Another city appeared in the distance, Myath. It’s almost certain that the two cities would fight. But if you think that Myath sounds familiar, you would have realized that it was the same city where Leerin and Nina met each other.

Leerin Arrives

Blah! She arrives.

Thus, Layfon has to make haste in rescuing Felli so that they could return in time for the intercity match.

Prison Felli


Well, for all those Felli fans, quite a sad turn of events. Not only does Nina seem like the better match now with her Haikizoku-granted powerup but Leerin is also here. She’s up against a competitive companion and a childhood friend while her winning points are… soft-spoken nature and tendency to break shins? But it’s ok. In my eyes, she is infinitely better than the other characters.

As for the intercity match, it should go to Zuellni since Myath doesn’t have a good battle record. Then again, neither does Zuellni… but they do have two Heaven’s Blade wielders in their midst. Throw in a supercharged Nina and it’s game over. I’m a bit curious why Haia insisted on a one-on-one with Layfon since the previous engagements ended with his loss. I don’t see any developments that might change the outcome this time. Oh well, one massive city and one personal fight in the coming episode. Should be exciting enough, right?


One Response

  1. I hope that Layfon will end with Leerin…
    They were a perfect couple…

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