Evening Rain Feeling

Do it

Just an innocent tale of love…

Brief Summary

So what’s this “it” those two girls are talking about? Well, it’s the next step in their relationship.

Making Out1

Considering where they are now, Shouko and Miho will be entering a more intimate and physical level. However, there are obstacles in their love-paved path. Mainly, keeping their secrecy…

Making Out2

… and an unwilling partner?

Miho appears to be too patient, as if she doesn’t want to do it. However, since Shouko idolizes her, the younger girl feared that the reason is because she herself isn’t good enough. As the two girls continued to wander around, Shouko’s unease grew.

Nice and Slow


After passing several “filthy” abandoned houses, Miho noticed that a summer storm was approaching. Using that as an excuse, she suggested that they delay it for another time. However, Shouko reached the breaking point.

Next Time

Reacting selfishly, Shouko pounced on Miho.


While on top of her, Shouko professed her love to Miho. She didn’t want their relationship to be a temporary fling like the rumors say. She was scared that their feelings would change and they would separate.

Love is a Disease

Before she could continue, Shouko noticed the tears on Miho’s face… and she stopped. This wasn’t the way it’s supposed to happen.



After the rain passed, Shouko and Miho walked back together in silence. After a while, Shouko was the first to speak, apologizing to her and promising to never do that again.


But Miho also apologized. She just wasn’t ready for that next step. She didn’t know how to react to Shouko’s continued advances.


With their feelings conveyed to one another, the two girls look to the sky and saw a rainbow… similar to how their hearts are connected.



Ah yes, a nice short one-shot that highlights one of the greatest problems in any relationship; When to move forward? Nothing deep or philosophical. Just an innocent tale of romance between two girls.


2 Responses

  1. I really like it – nice art and story :) Thank you for posting it :)

  2. :”D thank you for uploading

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