Eden of the East – Episode 6

Snip Snip

Well… This doesn’t look good.


Two weeks after my previous post rounding up the Spring anime season, I remain undecided about Eden of the East. With the exception of its OP/ED, I can’t find anything outstanding or disqualifying. I’m haven’t adjusted to the Honey and Clover style so that’s still throwing me off. With the plot… Sure, entrusting twelve seemingly random people with the task of saving the world is an interesting concept. Yet, I don’t see where this is going since the focus constantly switches between serious Selecao business to the antics of making Saki happy. I think this is the first time where I actually paid attention to her only because her friends were trying to uncover Akira’s past. Even so, I’m more amused by the introduction of genius programmer Micchon and her involvement with the fireworks display.

But anyways, watching this (mostly) easygoing series produced a drastically different reaction this episode…



Ender of Mankind

Ms. Selecao No. 11, that is one crazy lady that all men should steer clear from… else they’ll wind up dead and not male.


Snip Snip. Grin Grin.

Other than that painful scene, there’s one other moment worth noting… the fireworks. A heartwarming end to the episode.


This is Micchon.

Cat Fireworks

She helped make this happen… PRICELESS!!!

Unlike that worthless Saki who’s worth 220,000 Yen to look for… Fail.


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