Kannagi – Chapter 31

Dandelion in the Shadows

Dandelion in the Shadows

Brief Summary and Impressions

After hearing that Daitetsu wasn’t a delinquent, Jin lost faith in himself. He was too obsessed with strength and after realizing that his idol wasn’t so tough, Jin didn’t know what to believe in anymore. In his eyes, there was no other method to get stronger. It wasn’t too long after when some real delinquents picked on him, trying to turn him into a gofer. They told him to shoplift games and since he’s still deluded, he agreed. However, Jin still had morals and threw a fit in class, trying to lie to himself that he’s doing the right thing.



… which led to one of the darker, more serious moments in Kannagi, an event that made me seethe with rage. Jin struck Tsugumi.



Realizing what he has done, Jin fled. During it all, Daitetsu was watching from the back. He was conflicted, wanting to step in but too scared to. The words Jin said before echoed.


Anyways, as you might be able to interpolate, Daitetsu summons the courage to save Jin from falling into true delinquency. Jin remains pure. He wasn’t able to shoplift and instead, bought the game. After hearing this story, Nagi was able to trust the giant Art Club member a bit more and helped Jin get out of his depression. Relating him to a dandelion growing in the shade, Nagi points out that people who judge based on one instance may not see its true nature. Basically, everyone has their ups and downs.

I guess it was coming sooner or later. I remember a previous chapter hinting about Jin’s troublesome past and this was a peek into it. Although it pains me to see Tsugumi knocked over like that, Jin seems to understand just what he had done, if only too late. I’ll be content if the next chapter has Nagi bringing down some divine punishment…

More character development for Daitetsu, reinforcing his “gentle giant” image. It’s nice to see him fleshed out a bit more rather than being left alone as some minor character that’s really good with art. Also good to see that Nagi reconciling with him. Now we can move forward…


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