Choi Hime – Chapter 1

Mysterious Girl

The Girl in Shackles

Brief Summary

Tired of living with others, Shishirou moved out once he entered high school. Renting an apartment, he was about to enjoy his humanity-free life when he found his place already occupied… by a sleeping girl… in a maid uniform… with shackles on her ankles.

What the


Sir, I beg to differ with your opinion about that “slutty maid costume”

Fearing that the police would come and misunderstand the situation, he tried backing out of his apartment… only to trip and tumble backwards. Recovering, he found himself facing another tenant, Matsuda Mai. She asked him if there was any problem, specifically asking if he saw bound girl. Panicking, he lied. After assuring him that it’s normal… somehow, Mai left to go to her room upstairs… giving Shishirou a good view of her underwear.



Heading back him, he found the girl awake, waiting to greet him properly. She even prepared omurice, an omelet with fried rice in it…


Welcome Home Master

Oh gawd

Attacked by this rapid onslaught of cuteness, Shishirou tried to keep his thoughts straight. He managed to resist being spoon-fed and ask a couple questions about why she’s in his apartment…

Eat it


Only to get the food shoved straight into his mouth.

Or else


With a complete reversal from her previous behavior, the girl stood over him and introduced herself as Erina, a ghost who’s bound to this apartment complex. When told to leave, she threw his words right back, telling him to find some other place to live…


… What?

As if ordered by her, Shishirou was attacked by round… cute… bumbling… ghosties. While he was held down, the boy noticed an interesting book on the ground. Possibly Erina’s weakness?



Two pages in and I’m faced with my greatest weakness, a maid. From from the very start, I’m drawn into the series and my fate is sealed. Doomed… to follow this series faithfully… even if the translator(s) aren’t committed… yet.

Mai’s nice but she’ll probably turn into one of those teasing, mature women. Not my favorite archetype but tolerable. She reminds me of Rina from Time of Eve for some reason. Maybe it’s because both gave their respective main characters a view intentionally, to provoke them.

But back to the focus… Erina. Oh gawd! Just when you think she can’t get cuter, moeblob turned tsundere. Haha! Going from “W-Welcome home, Master” to “Leave now!” to being sat on by cute supernatural things… so random but oh so good.

So fun! So cute! Definitely keeping my eye on this.


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  1. Thanks for the review. Havent been reading manga ever since my last one.
    I’d look forward to this. :)

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