Eden no Ori


Oh boo hoo…

Brief Summary


Running back with his arms filled with food, Sengoku Akira delayed the departure of their flight. His class was returning from Guam after enjoying a well-deserved break.



With him is his childhood friend, Akagami Rion. She’s the idol of the school and a rising star in gymnastics.


There’s also Arita Kouhei. Similar to Rion, he’s handsome and very skilled in sports.

Caught in between

But compared to his two friends, there’s nothing special to Akira. He always felt awkward since they’re so radiant. Yet, he realizes that this is just the way life is. It couldn’t possibly change… or could it?

While thinking about this, there was an unexpected turn of events. All the navigation instruments malfunctioned and even though it’s the middle of the day, everything disappeared into the darkness. It was as if they didn’t exist to the rest of the world.



Forced to crashland, the passengers and crew braced for impact. Then something happened. Something penetrated the body of the plane and Akira disappeared into the darkness below, alone and separated from the rest of the group.

When he came to, Akira found himself in a different world. Creatures thought to be extinct for millions of years are wandering around, real living and breathing creatures. That also presented a new danger to the survivors. These animals do not fear man. If anything, they see them as prey.


Akira reunites with two other survivors and they make their way back to the crashsite. It wasn’t too long when they found the plane. Seeing it fully intact, they rushed toward it, hoping to find survivors and good news about their rescue.


Instead, they find the pilot stabbed to death and only a short video to show what happened. They watched as several classmates were overwhelmed by despair.


Some lost their humanity. Now with the likelihood of rescue close to nil, it becomes survival of the fittest.



Akira’s normal, bleak life suddenly turns into a brutal fight for survival. Not only does he have to face wild beasts of Nature but also beasts that were once men…


When I first read this, I got the impression that this will be the TV series Lost blended with elements from the Lord of the Flies novel. However, it isn’t as mysterious as the former nor as despairing like latter. De-clawed… I would like to say. It lost the harsh elements that made both works more realistic and thought-provoking. That doesn’t mean it’s bad. On the contrary, I’m curious how it will go since the potential is there… Some mysterious island off the maps with extinct animals running amok. Children losing their humanity, reverting to savagery. Good stuff… though those million-year old creatures could draw away from any significant character development.

One final note. Is it just me or does Kouhei look like Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop? Anyways, I have this sneaking suspicion that the antagonists will be the ones closest to Akira while the people who would normally be looked upon as troublemakers… They’ll be the most assuring allies he could ever find in a situation like this.


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