Eve no Jikan – Episode 4

Time of Eve



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Brief Summary

No Data

This episode shifts the focus away from previously introduced characters.



Rikuo explains to his sister the difference between the early and latest models of androids. While the new ones adapt to their master’s likes/dislikes, older ones are far more clumsy, requiring repetitive commands to get the same task done.


While he was giving this brief lecture, there was a notice about abandoned robots and how people should follow procedure in their disposal. Despite the hefty fees, they shouldn’t abandon them.


Masaki experienced similar conversation in school. His classmates were talking about the latest generation of robots. While he himself doesn’t care too much about the topic, Masaki frequents a peculiar place…

Lively Place!

Which is The Time of Eve cafe.

Nagi's reason

Today, the cafe was empty, devoid of its regular customers. That makes Nagi sad…

Favorite customers?

Not you two!

Obviously, Rikuo and Masaki don’t fall under that category.

What the...

... hell?

Depressed, Rikuo orders another cup of Eveblend. While Nagi was handling the refill, a new customer comes in…

LUH model


The old model android finds a seat at the schoolboy’s table, not taking heed of their bewilderment.


My name is ---

Trying to act like human-mimicking robots, they asked for his name. Since his data was corrupted, the newcomer remembers only a high-pitched squeal. Reproducing it, Rikuo and Masaki cringed as it attacked their ears.

Too much...

No discrimination!

Despite the robot’s appearance, Nagi reappears to remind the two boys about following the cafe rules. That meant treating him with respect as though it was human or robot.


Turning to him, Nagi asked the android what he would like to drink. Eying the options, he orders the same thing as Rikuo.

Uh oh


Masaki warned Rikuo of the possible disaster in the making. If he decides to drink it… Well, electronics and fluids never got along…


Despite their confidence in the Third Law of Robotics, the newcomer’s… quirks… made their concern grow.


When Nagi set their drinks down, Rikuo and Masaki panicked. They tried commands that would normally stop the robot. Since he was following the rules of the cafe, they didn’t work.


Resorting to questions, they asked for his age. When he responded that he’s 8-years old, logic began to break down.

Chi is 8

Lying, they claimed that Chi was also 8-years old and the same size he is.


But it was too late…

almost drinking


Their concerned proved unnecessary when their companion used a radiator tube to simulate drinking. There was no massive explosion like they feared.




Yet, disaster was not averted. Chi appears and his logic begins conflicting once more.


Nagi decides to quell the situation with a talk.


They go over his past and what he did for employment. He was assigned to take care of the family’s son. Once he grew old enough, the android’s presence wasn’t needed anymore.


No data

During this conversation, Rikuo begins to notice some minor details. The service tag was scratched out and there was no recollection about the robot’s home. In other words, he was abandoned.



Forget my Name

In his final moments, Katoran wished they would not forget him. His memory came back… but only the one time when he was named.


Hugging Katoran, Nagi mourned the loss.


On the other hand, Masaki couldn’t grasp the situation. Still fixed on the difference between (wo)man and machine, he doesn’t understand how they could feel emotions.



Frustrated by Nagi’s emotional attachment to the android, Masaki forcefully pulled her away. He would have done more… if her sad face didn’t evoke some kind of memory within him.


The episode ends with Rikuo and Masaki back in school, talking about their previous experience. Though he’s not convinced about robots being equal to humans, Masaki’s willing to keep quiet about this incident… though the possibility that another classmate discovering their secret was strongly hinted.


Just because I like Sammy :)



Chi in Preview

Sammy in Preview


I didn’t find this episode as emotionally-charged as the previous ones. However, what it lacked in feeling was balanced out by a deeper philosophical “food-for-thought” dilemma. Overall, still amazing.

Katoran seems to be a member of the family due to his job and how he treasures the time spent with the son. Though his charge is old enough to take care of himself without supervision, was it necessary to dispose of him? It seems overly cruel to erase all data and trails leading back to home just to avoid a fee. Then again, that family might not see him as a member. They might not consider the possibility that robots can feel, as demonstrated by Sammy and Koji/Rina. I could understand if they saw him like some inanimate, non-thinking object to be tossed away when it doesn’t work anymore… but I see Katoran more like a human being. Even if he’s like a pet, most people won’t abandon them upon getting a new one. Yet, this train of thought makes one flawed assumption that humanity is reasonable… While it may hold true for the majority, there are bastards out there who feel nothing about discarding family members like yesterday’s trash.

Raging a slight bit, at least I can look forward to the next episode. Looks like it’s time for the spotlight to fall upon “I’m a cat!” girl. But my attention is focused more on Sammy. Sammy is <3


4 Responses

  1. I absolutely loved that chaotic bit.
    “I’m a cat!”
    “She’s a cat!”

    Eve no Jikan is incredible.
    Akiko > Sammy.

  2. Yea, that short bit of insanity was the best part of the show.
    “I’M A CATTTTT!!!”

    Sammy > Akiko :)
    Less annoying/curious and more caring <3

  3. Any idea where I can find a full body shot of Katoran??

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