Queen’s Blade 6: An elf who refuses to wear panties

I’m going to try a list system of what’s good and bad in this episode. It’s based on Kotaku’s model. Let’s see if it works….

qb6WARNING: Do not take the above montage  at face value. It may present the best aspects of a lackluster anime. In this case, the highlights are gathered for your convince. There is nothing more to be seen in the episode itself; only time to be lost.

This episode is about an elf girl who get’s in trouble with the council of elves and consequently gets ejected from her village. The maid warrior Airi makes an appearance in the beginning of the episode.

The Magnificent

New characters: Those who are fans of magical maids and elves who don’t wear panties will be pleased. I must note that they are the most generic designs yet.

Yuri: They are keeping the yuri quota up and that’s a good thing! Airi gives two deep “Life sucking” kisses and cops a quick feel. Elena has set out in lusty pursuit of her older sister.

The Weak

Blandness: This episode is pretty damn boring. There is not much zesty fanservice or fighting. Airi simply disappears and does not return during this episode.  This show falls flat on its face when it does not feature more interesting characters.

Nanael: The annoying blue haired angel is never a pleasure to see hovering around.  The less we see of her the better. . . . unfortunately it seems she’ll be featured in the next episode.

This was the lamest episode yet, but it’s still watchable- just nothing special. 2/5


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