Mel Kano – Chapter 11

No Contact

And you sir, do not deserve her after what you’ve done.

Brief Summary

KAKERU (I’ll be using this since it’s shorter than Shinjou Shouryuu) had experienced almost every major development in a romantic relationship.

Love Events

And now, he adds another on that list… Rejection.


Well, that was his intention… until he saw MYUU’s tears. Trying to move this to a more private setting, KAKERU and MYUU were about to enter a restaurant when they bumped into two familiar faces. They were people from the club and KAKERU recognized them to be the drug dealers marked by his employer, F.I.L. GATES.




Running away to a park, the two settled down to talk about their relationship and how it should end. But the tears again… and KAKERU made a bad decision. That weak-willed bastard.




Anyways, to add more trouble into his life, KAKERU was targeted by the very same drug dealers he met earlier. They decided to start a page detailing every violent act he did, some true but mostly lies. His school, hearing the rumors, decided to put him on suspension. Due to his lackluster attendance, that would mean failing and staying behind for another year. Well, there is a silver lining…

Failing the Grade

Or not.

His love triangle, only one day old, now faces its first trial…



I RAEG! Between your love who’s a bit mad at you or tears from someone you’re protective of… You would think the choice is clear! I know he had good intentions at heart… but the scenario he made just stinks of disaster. Even if he and HAL were to reconcile, there’s MYUU and I’m pretty sure she won’t be content only being his online girlfriend. /sigh

The neverending troubles of romance… complicated even more by being online…


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