Medaka Box

Mendaka Box

I believe most of them are fan-mail…

Brief Summary

The series is about a school that somehow attained a freshman student president. Hitoyoshi Zenkichi is a friend of that person…

Characters 1

Though he says that they’re distant friends who haven’t been in touch, that didn’t stop her from renewing that bond…


One way or another…


Friends ORLY

Anyways, she gets him to help out with her work.



Despite saying “just this once”, his temporary aid takes on a more permanent status. Vice Presidency.



Well, some emotional feelings and physical motivation were also in play but the ends justify the means.


I’m a sucker for school romance and it’s been a while since I’ve read something with a strong(er) female lead. There was Freezing but recent chapters reduced “Ice Queen” Bridgette into a moe-blob.

Here, the dynamics of Zenkichi and Medaka’s relationship are so fun to watch. He would fight against his feelings, vowing to be with her until the favor is fulfilled… only to be manipulated to remain by her side. On the other hand, despite being more than capable by herself, Medaka gets Zenkichi to do most of the work, asking for his help at just the right time.

Finally, with such a lovely shot of the student president in the first chapter, this series is guarenteed to have more fanservice down the line. Eye candy of course.


4 Responses

  1. damn, i just saw this new manga, and i have to say that this manga it’s really promising, i’m sure i won’t miss any new chapter.
    even if the plot isn’t really orginal, everyone loves this kind of plot, and one can’t wait to see what kind of new adventures they’ll be having.


  2. LAWDY! Medaka’s O_O!!!! !

  3. @tecnproy
    Yup! Reading this was enough to spur my lazy arse to blog about it :)

    It kinda reminds me of Shiki, different author/artists.

  4. I am happy that I observed this weblog, precisely the right information that I was searching for!

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