Valkyria Chronicles – Episode 6

The Many Faces of Alicia

Another episode with overdone but still epic Alicia expressions.

Brief Summary

This episode introduces a new character to the cast and brings light to some of the minor ones.

Professional Work Ethics

Professional Work Ethics

Meet Ellet Irene, a war correspondent for GBS radio. She intends to get the latest scoop about Squad 7, rising in popularity due to their recent victories. However, not everything goes her way as Alicia tries to prevent the reporter from interviewing her main target, the quirky commander Welkin.



Countered at the start, Irene decided to interview the militia(wo)men who make up the squad. Of course, this causes quite a stir when members competed against each other for some limelight…

Largo Owned

Largo owned by Rosie

Plus the girls went all out with makeup… for a regular interview. No photos. Logic eludes me.



Irene talks with each member and in the end, she finds the squad quite… strange.

Marina Confrontation

Marina is so adorable!

Irene eventually succeeds, getting a private interview with Welkin… in the men’s restroom. Moments later, Alicia barges in and cuts it short (after she got over the embarrassment of entering forbidden territory). The aide only caught the last bits of their talk, something about a favor…

Alicia Eavesdropping

“A favor”, eh?

That favor turns out to be a cookout for the squad. Since there was so much food, they also invited Faldio’s squad to join in. Unfortunately, Squad 1 got a bit miffed by the attention Squad 7 is getting so a fight ensued.

Minor Characters

More screentime for these minor characters…

Lipstick Man

Ummm… Yea…

Food Fight

Marina escaping the chaos of the fight :)

All in all, Alicia’s panic over Irene’s coverage was wasted. The reporter praised the squad… and in return for providing the barbecue, she’ll be joining Squad 7 to give continued coverage. Needless to say, Alicia is not pleased.


A filler episode but quite enjoyable. A-1 Pictures continues to focus on Alicia and how she overreacts. It’s getting a bit repetitive but for now, still humorous.


Marina’s Interview: …

Irene strikes me as an annoying character and hopefully she won’t hold the spotlight in future episodes. However, I am glad that the episode focused on the other people on Squad 7 who until now, were completely ignored. Of them all, the notable ones are Edy (silvery-haired, blue-ribboned twintail who uses a machine gun) and Marina (quiet, reserved sniper).

Marina Eating

So elegant! So refined!

I think Alicia fulfills my quota of twintails this season (still waiting for K-ON‘s Azusa to appear) so Edy’s nothing new. Marina on the other hand…

Marina Receives


Well, let’s just say that she’s fast becoming my favorite character for this series. However, given that the story focuses on Welkin and Alicia, she won’t have too much screentime.

Marina Caretaker

So caring! So loving!

Oh, one last thing. That winged pig Hans. I thought it was Alicia’s pet, not Marina’s. What happened there?


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  1. hell yeah you like marina too! shes hot!

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